of my favourite car sites closed today-Edmunds Inside Line, specifically their long term car test blog. It was excellent, and the kind of thing only a big honking company could pull off-they owned a ton of new cars, would drive them for a year and/or 20k miles, and blogged about them. What they were like on canyon drives. How well they took a carseat. Roadtrips. Skiiing. Offroading. Modifying. Fuel Economy. That gap in the visors that hits your eyes just the wrong way. Whatever.

It was the best way to read about the ownership experience of a car. And they killed it. Oh sure, they've just 'moved' it. But they moved it to their clunky, ugly, mainstream site, added autoplay videos, disabled the function as a blog, even reduced the size of photos. They literally went backwards.


Gawker screws up sometimes, but they at least try and advance themselves, flawed as their upgrades can be. And I'm glad Jalopnik isn't a huge car company doing what InsideLine did. But Insideline was good, and now it's effectively dead.

Christ, I may have to go get some work done now.


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